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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

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Part 1: Ballpumping FAQ

Guys have a lot of questions about just what ballpumping does. I'll tackle these first, then get into the method I use for pumping up the package. Ballpumping is more technical than cock pumping, but that's part of the fun!

Part 2:  How To Ballpump

It's just about impossible to get a decent seal on balls only, so guys pump both cock and balls together. You'll need a much wider cylinder (at least 2.75"), or a special-purpose one, such as a 2-stage or Monstertube). If you use a 2-stager, you need to know the trick for getting out of it. You have to reverse your pump and force air into the 2-stager to push yourself out. This won't undo your pump effect.

To pump balls, start by pumping your cock somewhat. This will help you get a better seal in that big tube.

Warm your balls up with a hot wet cloth, and stretch them out with a milking-style massage.

Lubricate your cock and balls well so the slide easily along the tube as you pump up. Lubricate the rim and the first inch inside your cylinder generously to help you seal.

Insert your cock and seat your balls into the opening. Then pull a couple strokes on the pump to draw those balls into the cylinder.

As when pumping cock, use just enough pressure to get a slight, comfortable pull. Ballpumping takes even longer than cockpumping, and you have to be even more gentle. Whereas you raise the pressure during the set when pumping cock, when doing balls you try to keep the pressure constant. As your balls expand, they displace vacuum, so you have to pull from time to time to keep that pressure constant.

Take a break every 15 - 30 minutes to refresh the circulation in your cock and give your ballskin a rest. Massage the cock and balls during the break. Reheat with the warm wet cloth before you go back in.

A full ballpumping session lasts 2 - 4 hours. Experienced ballpumpers can reach 16" or more in diameter. The enormous weight of pumped balls not only feels amazing, it also stretches the scrotum so you have low-hangers for awhile even after your pump effect wears off.

If you want permanent low-hangers, look into hanging some weights from your balls after pumping. To hang weights, make a sling out of wide elastic tape such as a jockstrap waistband and hang a couple of pounds from that. Keep it comfortable.

Ballpumping isn't for every man, but ballpumpers get some amazing results. My longest ball pumping session so far was two hours.

I suggest you get on-line and find yourself a ballpumping penpal or chatmate before you get into it. You're playing with your crown jewels here, so you need good advice along the way.

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