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Ball-Stretching Kit!

One of the most popular methods for promoting "Low-Hanger" balls is the use of metal rings, stacked around the neck of the scrotum to provide a gentle pull on the testicles. The technique is versatile, because rings can be added or removed to adjust the length or tension in small increments. No belts or attachments, nothing hanging below, and less bulge when worn under clothing. To be effective, any stretching method must be used for extended lengths of time, so comfort and convenience are very important.

The biggest problem with the ring method has been fit and comfort. If your rings are small enough to keep your balls from slipping through as you go about your day- they will usually constrict circulation as well, becoming very uncomfortable. Should the restriction cause swelling, it can be difficult and time consuming to get out of the rings.

Solution! The PumpToys' "BRK" Ball-Ringer System uses a larger size metal ring for easy installation, plus a pliable retaining collar for comfort. You put on the number of rings you want for the desired weight and tension, and then add PumpToys' soft elastic BRK Nut Collar. This device is made by injection molding of the same material used in our STJ Precision Seal. When installed, the BRK Nut Collar encloses the bottom metal ring of the stack, making the Collar rigid. The Collar provides a soft, snug contact surface for the testicle bulge and reduces the opening size of the last ring by 3/8"-1/2", acting as a "keeper" for the entire stack. Removal is quick and easy. The collar is removed from the bottom ring and then from the scrotum; then the ring stack slides off quickly!

An IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use this or any rigid constricting device while pumping!!!

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Four sizes of Ball-Ringers are available:

MODEL #Collar I.D.Ring I.D.Ring ThicknessExtra Ringset #
BRK114: 1-1/4" 1-3/4"4 per inch#RSRB
BRK138: 1-3/8" 1-3/4"4 per inch#RSRB
BRK112: 1-1/2" 2"4 per inch#RSRS
BRK158: 1-5/8" 2"4 per inch#RSRS


DON'T GUESS at your size! The size you need is best determined by finding the smallest diameter rigid circle or "test ring" you can pass both testicles through (one at a time) without pain or stress. From that diameter, the size you order should be no more than 1/4" smaller than that ring, based on the "Collar I.D." figure on the tables. For example, if you are a snug fit in a 1-3/4" test ring, you should order a BRK112 with a 1-1/2" collar size. Sizing is not a very accurate process, due to different levels of sensitivity and the relationship of testicle size to scrotal neck size. We cannot guarantee that the suggested method will fit you precisely; you must use your own judgment in the final decision. And no, we don't make personal size fittings!

Note that the rings are detected by security system metal detectors, like those used at airports. Not recommended for flying!

What is included:

Each Ball-Ringer Kit includes one (1) Nut Collar and eight (8) lacquered, polished brass rings for a 2" ring stack:

Note: You must select the desired size from the listed options!
BRK Part #BRK Ball Ringer Kit    $34.95
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ADDITIONAL RINGSETS are sold in a set of 4 rings that makes a 1" vertical stack. 1-3/4" rings weigh 6 ounces per set of four; 2" rings weigh 7.4 ounces per set of four. Ringsets are $15.00 each.

Note: You must select the ringset that matches your BRK model.
Ring Set Part #RSRS BRK Ringset, 2" ID: fits 1-1/2" & 1-5/8" models.    $15.00
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Ring Set Part #RSRB BRK Ringset, 1.75" ID: fits 1-1/4" & 1-3/8" models.    $15.00
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Replacement Collars

BRK collars Part #BRKCO BRK Replacement Collar    $15.00
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BRK Collar Size:   

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