BullMaster Contoured Multi-Stage Cylinder

BullMaster   BMC-S
The Original BullMaster´┐Ż Contoured Acrylic Multi-Stage Shaping Cylinder

Until now, you couldn't control where the bulk you developed would go. You come out pumped up, but not looking the way you want to look- Your package is round or tubular, and you have to wait for some reduction before the appearance becomes somewhat normal. Even then, you don't have the remaining bulk distributed where you would like. The revolutionary BullMaster Cylinder introduces contour shaping to the pumping process. You get a better look, You get a better feel, and- You get control of the shape!

Features of the BullMaster:

  • Formed from premium Cast Acrylic tube by our own custom process!
  • Clear domed cap made from cast 3/8" thermal-formed acrylic!
  • Laser engraved and pressure formed BullMaster logos.
  • Multi-stage, smooth transitions throughout.
  • Large tear-drop testicle pockets pull you down, fill you up!
  • Tapered penis pocket keeps you round.
  • Comes with industry-standard quick disconnect coupler body installed.
  • Coupler is now offset to the top edge for easy access and wet pumping!
  • Comes with PumpToys soft, comfortable STJ Precision Seal.
  • Optional upgrade to the STJS Silicone Precision Seal!
  • BullMasters are made in custom lengths to fit you personally! NO extra cost!


  • Primary tube nominal diameter 4" ID
  • Contour area increases dimensions to 5-1/2" wide X 5" high at contour maximums.
  • Exit/entry diameter is nominal 4", which reduces to a 2-3/4" working diameter neck at the seal.
  • Maximum Internal length total: 10-1/2" cap to hard rim, not including seal.
  • Maximum Internal length to end of penis contour: 9" not including seal.
  • Maximum Internal length to end of ball contour: 8" not including seal.

The seal adds about 1/2" to the length. This is a big cylinder- designed for advanced pumpers. The internal perimeter dimension in the contours is about 16"!

Cap design puts the coupler on the top corner!

Order sizes shown are based on the internal "Length from hard rim to end of penis contour".
Ideal length range is 1" to 1-1/2" over your erect length. You should also look at the relationship for the scrotum bulge: The center of Ball Pocket bulge will be 3" less than the tube's order size. If you order a 7" tube, the center of the ball pockets will be 4" from the hard rim of the cylinder. If you order a 9" tube, the center will be at 6". We recommend you look at the BMC Fitting Guide to help you select a size.


Important: You will be asked to select the "Length to end of contours" (BMC Size) of your cylinder after adding the item to your cart.

BullMaster Contoured Shaping Cylinder   

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Need a male Coupler?

All our cylinders come equipped with the female coupling; the male insert is not included. The Male Coupler Insert for the BullMaster is the industry standard style. Only one male insert is needed regardless of the number of cylinders you have.

male coupler insert
If you do not have a coupler insert, you can order one here:
Part # SDI.18 male coupler insert, $8.50

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