VelSeal GX-Pro Maximizer

FUN FACT- The GlansXpands Pro Maximizer truly became a ‘piece of art’ in July, 2013, when a Los Angeles, CA art gallery requested permission to include the GXPro in an exhibition focused on the male form.

"Finally....a head cylinder that works!" - RM in Florida

Introduce your "member" to the newest member of the VelSeal family, the Glans Xpands Pro Maximizer. The GX-Pro is easy to slip into, with the same comfortable feel of a VelSeal Cylinder, until the shaft gives way to an enlarged chamber custom made just for you. The glans expansion chamber is designed to give you maximum performance, and begins at the length you request. Formed from a continuous cylinder, not segments glued together, the shaft wall offsets quickly and smoothly outward, expanding to add 3/4" to the diameter; that's about 2-1/4" additional circumference, giving you ample room to work on getting that fat, sought-after 'mushroom head'. The unique chamber design doesn't start on a sharp, square right angle, because we know you're not built like that, either. The chamber begins along an angled arc that corresponds with the median angle found for the rim of the male glans, and helps to reduce intrusion by tissue from just behind the head, assisting to avoid 'donut' issues.

"Fits perfectly. Thanks" - BP in Canada

Individually sized and finished for that "just right" fit, the GX-Pro is sized to allow you to comfortably fill the entry shaft, after which vacuum energy becomes concentrated on expansion and engorgement of the glans, helping you to get the added rim & head distinction you desire. See the sizing directions here.

GX-Pro shown here with New E-Z Angle Entry Option!

As part of the R & D done on the GX-Pro project , we have also developed a new option to order your cylinder with an angled entry, instead of the traditional square-cut end. This is especially helpful when pumping in a seated position and for those whose erections stay tight against the body, making a 90 degree penis tube less comfortable to use. The E-Z Angle Entry gives your cylinder a 15 degree slope to the base; just enough to reduce that annoying 'tug', but not so much as to increase the opening area and create issue with the testicles or scrotum being drawn in accidentally. See a comparison example here. The E-Z Angle is now available on all size GX-Pro and VelSeal cylinders!

" new favorite tube!" - RT in Australia


  • One-piece shaft design means a smooth transition w/ no extra glue joints.

  • Angled glans chamber transition follows a more natural line and reduces unwanted intrusion.

  • VelSeal's famous comfortable flared entry with silicone gasket.

  • Sturdy, rounded-in cap design for added durability.

  • New E-Z Angle Entry option can be added to give extra relief for those who need it.

Each GX-Pro Cylinder is custom made to fit: Please, when ordering, carefully read the sizing directions to ensure your cylinder will be sized correctly.

As this is a made-to-order item, please allow 2-3 days before shipment.

The GX-Pro comes standard with the SDB.18 female coupling, comfortable silicone cushion gasket, and traditional VelSeal flared entry. Add the E-Z Angle Entry option for just $24.95 more.

"...this is the real deal" - WJ in KY

"Awesome tube, great!" - SM in California

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Part #GXP - GX-Pro Maximizer - shaft lengths up to 6" - $168.95
Part #GXPXL - GX-Pro Maximizer - shaft lengths between 6-1/4" and 9" - $184.95
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