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with Laser Engraved dimension rule!

NEW- 3" size now available!

The STATE OF THE ART in High Performance penis pumping cylinders is here- VelSeal Cylinders. They were Designed for Comfort, Pleasure, Fast Growth and Durability- from the ground up! This Revolutionary Cylinder sets the new standard, and nothing else is even close!
One pumper called with these comments :
"I have been pumping for over 10 years, and I've made some considerable gains in size. I've got cylinders from NW pump, Boston and many others. But for the last several years- I've been unable to get past 10 inches. I ordered a custom sized VelSeal tube. I'm in it right now, and looking at 11 inches!! Absolutely- the best I've ever used. Revolutionary!"

VelSeal's Special Features:

VelSeal Entry


The VelSeal (Velvet Seal!) Cylinder stands alone; totally designed for performance, pleasure- and your satisfaction. This is a great-feeling tube! You will NEVER again feel that hard-rim monster's bite. NEVER quit early because of discomfort. NEVER worry about constant leaks around the rim. PUMP faster- because the even pressure distributed by the soft seal keeps the fluids flowing. It's about time things changed, and PumpToy's has changed them...

And now- Changed them again with the new Laser Engraved size scales! SEE and measure your progress, instantly, consistently. Because these marking are created with our new Laser, they are permanent- they won't come loose, get sticky or rub off like tubes marked with paint or tape.

VelSeal Dimension Scale


Of course, true performance is more than just function; it's also quality and durability.
VelSeal Cylinders shine there as well:

The Silicone Seal on your VelSeal tube is very durable, and not affected by most lubricants or cleaners. Replacement seals are available, but you probably won't ever need one. Note that this is a unique system- VelSeals WILL NOT fit on other makes of penis tubes.


Are you thinking of occasional pleasure, or permanent enlargement? Either way, a VelSeal Cylinder is right for you. Your penis can be pumped to provide slight, or very significant enlargement, on a temporary basis. The volume added by pumping dissipates over a period of time. Unchecked, most of the change is gone within 24 hours- but it takes 2-3 days to fully normalize. When you use your VelSeal pump several hours before sex, some very interesting things happen. If you pumped mildly, it might not show a great deal when you are flaccid. But- your erection will be larger. YOU will be more sensitive; your EJACULATION VOLUME may increase significantly, and- your partner will clearly know YOU ARE BIG!

If you are working on permanent penis enlargement, the same effects are there, but special considerations apply. Enlargement techniques that work use a combination of pumping and Jelquing exercises. (See this library article for more information on jelquing!) The process uses the progressive mechanical expansion that a pump provides, plus the directed forces the exercises provide, and is done on a regular regimen or schedule.

In order to promote and accommodate the process, the cylinders used must be properly sized in steps, and they must be comfortable for extended periods of use. As enlargement is developed, the cylinder becomes packed to the sides. Then, the increase can only go one way- lengthwise. Soon the pumper steps up to the next size. This progressive limiting of lateral expansion helps develop length and keeps a balanced symmetrical shape to the penis as it is enlarged. Of course, you don't have to go for permanent change... you can just make a whopper out of it whenever you want to with a VelSeal tube! See the Sizing Chart for help in determining proper size.

Remember, these are powerful tools, and that can be abused! PumpToys does not recommend extreme pumping practices, and highly recommends you read the information in our library and other internet sites on safe pumping practices, as well as our Disclaimer Policy. Listen to your body. Patience, moderation and common sense are your best tools.


VelSeal Cylinders are available in standard and custom sizes; individually or in sets. Order standard 9" length VelSeals here, or see the Custom VelSize page for other lengths. VelSeal Cylinders also qualify buyers for discount pricing on a Starter Kit, which includes a vac pump and everything needed for new pumpers. See our Starter Kits here.

The coupler used on VelSeal Cylinders is our SDB.18, and it is compatible with almost all other pumping connectors. All cylinders come with the Female half installed on the cylinder. Note that the Male half of the coupling (SDI.18) is not included. You may have several cylinders, each having a female coupler, but only one male connector is needed, for your pump line. If you need to order a male coupler part, it is part #SDI.18 and can also be ordered from this page.

VelSeal Cylinders come in seven standard diameters, from 1-1/2" to 3" inside width (Called I.D.)
Standard inside length is 9", including seal. See the Sizing Chart for help with I.D. - circumference conversion.

For single cylinder orders, Select your size and click the add button. For sets, scroll down.

VelSealPart # VS (+ Size), $99.95   9" Cylinder w/ gasket & female coupler
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    Sizing Chart

We have developed a new option to order your cylinder with an angled entry instead of the traditional square-cut end. This is especially helpful when pumping in a seated position and for those whose erections stay tight against the body, making a 90 degree penis tube less comfortable to use. The E-Z Angle Entry gives your cylinder a 15 degree slope to the base; just enough to reduce that annoying 'tug', but not so much as to increase the opening area and create issue with the testicles or scrotum being drawn in accidentally. See an example here.

Add-on #EZ - E-Z Angled Entry Option   $24.95

Now available on all size VelSeal tubes!
This item adds the E-Z Angle option to your cylinder
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Need a male Coupler?

All VelSeal cylinders come equipped with the female coupling; the male insert is not included.
The Male Coupler Insert for VelSeal systems is the industry standard style. Only one male insert is needed regardless of the number of cylinders you have.

male coupler insert
If you do not have a coupler insert, you can order one here:
Part # SDI.18 male coupler insert, $8.50
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A VelSeal cylinder sets includes either 3, 4, or 5 tubes in your choice of sizes. Note that you must tell us your choices! You can note this in the comments box as you check out, or Email your choices to us here. Note that you can get any size combination you want. If the options you want aren't listed, just note your choices in the comments box, or contact us to adjust the order. Sets come with quick-connector female bodies on all cylinders.

Part # VELSET3- A set of 3 VelSeal Cylinders for $269.95!
( 3- 9" Cylinders each w/ gasket & female coupler )
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VelSet-3 Sizes:

Sizing Chart

Part # VELSET4- A set of 4 VelSeal Cylinders for $359.95!
( 4- 9" Cylinders each w/ gasket & female coupler )
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VelSet-4 Sizes:

Sizing Chart

Part # VELSET5- A set of 5 VelSeal Cylinders for $449.95!
( 5- 9" Cylinders each w/ gasket & female coupler )
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VelSet-5 Sizes:

Part # VS(+ Size), 1- VelSeal Gasket; $29.00
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For use with

NOTE: VelSeal Silicone Gaskets are only for use with VelSeal Tubes, and are not designed, warranted or guaranteed for use with any other tube / cylinder.

International customers, see our International Shipping Page for details about delivery to your country.