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Custom Size Cylinders

Need something for close quarters?
A longer length for you growing guys?
A short tube for scrotum stretching?
Order a Custom Length VelSeal!

New VelSeal Custom Cylinders are available in seven standard inside diameters, from 1-1/2" to 3" I.D. Standard inside length is 9", including seal, but this page is for custom size orders.

Go here to order standard length VelSeal Cylinders!

VelSeal Customs can be as short as 3", or as long as 18"! Custom tubes are made to order, and while we often ship custom cylinders within 48 hrs, the lead time is variable. All VelSeal Custom Length Tubes have a $10.00 Custom cutting charge. Extra length tubes (lengths over 9") will also incur a materials charge: add $20 for sizes from 9" to 12", $30 for sizes between 12" & 15", and $40 for lengths between 15" & 18".

You must tell us the size you want- select the size option below. If you want a dimension not listed (such as 2" X 10-1/4") select the "Email" option and email the specifications to us.
See the Sizing Chart for help with I.D. - circumference conversion.

Part # VELCS VelSeal Custom Cylinder Short (Under 9")  $109.95
Tube ID
Tube Length

Part # VELCL VelSeal Custom Long Cylinder
Over 9", up to 12"  $129.95
Over 12", up to 15"  $139.95
Over 15", up to 18"  $149.95
Tube ID
Tube Length

We have developed a new option to order your cylinder with an angled entry instead of the traditional square-cut end. This is especially helpful when pumping in a seated position and for those whose erections stay tight against the body, making a 90 degree penis tube less comfortable to use. The E-Z Angle Entry gives your cylinder a 15 degree slope to the base; just enough to reduce that annoying 'tug', but not so much as to increase the opening area and create issue with the testicles or scrotum being drawn in accidentally. See an example here.

Add-on #EZ - E-Z Angled Entry Option   $24.95

Now available on all size VelSeal tubes!
This item adds the E-Z Angle option to your cylinder
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International customers, see our International Shipping Page for details about delivery to your country.