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Vaculogic QS-7

NOTICE: Sales of the QS7 have been temporarily suspended while we secured a new source for a particular component and finalize some new improvements; it has NOT been discontinued, and we expect to resume sales shortly. Thank you for your patience


XP / Vista / Windows7 Compatible


Until now, pumping has been a "static" experience. You pump up, you wait, you enlarge. But you might say the time spent waiting for the result was- well, boring. Why? Because it's a period of inactivity, or a static (unchanging) condition. It should be Dynamic- full of action and sensation. That requires full control over the vacuum, and no one has ever manipulated the vacuum level very successfully. No one has ever really given you control over it- until now.

This remarkable equipment is not an "electric pump" as you know them today. This system merges with your computer, and gives you the ability to control the vacuum level and the timing and rate of changes on a continuous basis. You can now program your vacuum like you would music sequences on your ipod or CD player- in a constantly changing profile of pressures, ramp times and hold times that you create and call as you wish. The era of static pumping has ended!

Dynamic Pumping is here, and things will never be the same.

Dynamic Pumping does much more than entertain you!! Reports continue to come in confirming that it pumps you up faster, larger and with far less irritation than static pumping. We hear of dramatically intensified feelings; of pumping becoming a highly sensual experience. We are also hearing of improvements in ED conditions, improvements in circulation issues, harder erections and higher satisfaction with sexual experiences overall. QS-7 owners are discovering more everyday!

It is the VACULOGIC QS-7, with QuickSilver 1.5 (2nd release) Controller software.

See the QS-7 Owners Support Area Here!

This product is an innovation, the first of it's kind in a new generation. There is nothing remotely similar to compare it with, so you will have a world of questions... and here are some of the answers:

It's very simple.
Nothing about using this system is complex or difficult to use, from the pumper's point of view. The Server can be used by itself or with QuickSilver Controller software. For stand-alone operation, just plug it in and turn it on. The power LED tells you the basic system is active. This is manual-adjust mode, the pressure is held steady at the setting you make. However, unlike any other pumping device we use now, it's being microprocessor controlled. You rotate the dial to your desired setting, and you are pumping. The Server electronics controls the motor and it runs ONLY when more vacuum is needed, so most of the time it's totally silent. It vents automatically and comes on automatically as changes are needed. A precision digital sensor devices monitors vacuum level in your cylinder 100 times per second. Changes of more than 1/4" are corrected automatically. We have built the logic inside; it knows what to do. While this is more than any pump on the market can do for you now, it's just the tip of an iceberg of possibilties the QS-7 places at your command.

It's highly sophisticated.
The "Cutting Edge" of pumping technology is inside this little black box. The outside looks clean and simple, but that is efficient design. There's Custom designed and built electronics inside, and that is where the magic is- and YOU have the power;   You can control it's every move with QuickSilver 1.5, our Vacuum Server Controller. This Windows based software allows you to tell the QS-7 Server to do whatever you want... whenever you want. The QS-7 and QuickSilver will breathe life into your cylinders as never before possible. You lead, and it will follow.


The QS-7 runs in two modes. In manual mode, it runs like a conventional electric pump, and all that's needed is power. In programmable, or "QS" mode, the Server is connected your Windows PC or laptop with the USB cable. The green "QS" LED comes on, indicating computer control is active. The QuickSilver 1.5 Vacuum Server Controller software is now in full control of the system and is your command center. With QuickSilver, you can quickly and easily design your own profiles for the QS-7 to run, or simply load one of the 70 profiles that come with the system. QuickSilver is intuitive- quick and easy to learn and use. Once you execute (start) a profile, no further action on your part is needed. The computer will take over and everything is automatic, including low-pressure breaks if you wish and stopping at the end of your scheduled run.

What is a "Profile"? How do I get them?
A profile (.pro file) is like a small program that outlines what you want the pump to do with pressures and time. QuickSilver comes with many ready to run files, but they are very easy to make with the built in assembly tool. The CD includes a video demonstration, teaching you how to make, edit and run your own .pro files!

How easy? Take a look.
A profile consists of a series of "events". To create an event, you enter 3 numbers in a text box on-screen.

  1. What pressure do you want to go to? This is vacuum level like your guage shows, and can be entered inches and tenths- like 4.3.
  2. How long do you want the system to hold that pressure? This is a time factor, entered in seconds and tenths- like 3 or 3.5.
  3. How long you wish to take to transition to the next pressure setting? This is also a time factor in seconds.

That's all there is to it! That completes the entry of an Event, and profiles are only a series of events. Only two events are required to make a working profile- a total of only 6 number entries make a good pulse program. More entries mean more variety. The profile can change pressures to different levels and at with different timing, depending on the sequence of events you enter. You can set the profile to "loop" or repeat as many times as you wish when it's played, from one to 100 times. When you are ready to execute a profile, it's done on a tab called the "Play List". You can add many .pro files to the list, and they will run in sequence, like an order of songs on a CD player- but without interruption. You can name, edit and save the profiles you create, and run them again. You can save the Runs (sequences of profiles) as a single file and recall them as well. There is no limit to the number of profiles you can create and store, and profiles can be easily traded between QS-7 owners by email.

The QS-7 is polite, too.
Silence is golden. The sound volume of the QS is only about 1/5th that of other electric vacuum pumps! And- The QS-7 shuts off the motor when additional vacuum is not needed, in both manual and QS modes. In lower activity profiles, you can watch TV, listen to music, even sleep- and it won't rudely interrupt. But it will constantly monitor your pressure level so closely that only a few slow revolutions of the pump motor are needed to maintain the vacuum level, which is a virtually silent function. This precise motor operation is made possible by digital pressure monitoring and microprocessor power management. The system creates 80% less noise than most existing pumps when the motor is on- and 100% less when pressure is stable.

Incredible mobility!!
You are not tied to the wall receptacle, because the QS-7 runs on 12V power! Plug the power adapter into any standard 110V outlet, and you are running at home. Plugged in with a vehicle adapter (not included) into any 12V lighter or power plug port, and you are running while camping out! It's also designed to be Internationally adaptable. The QS 7 can be used with any electrical system in the world, simply by using a common power adapter with local configuration. International clients can view Power Adapter Info Here

Please take note: Ecstasy on the road is dangerous and the resulting inattentive driving is illegal. Although the system will operate in your car, the QS-7 MUST NOT be used while driving!

The QS-7 is small and easy to handle or store too, and readily fits in a corner of your suitcase. Electronics allow higher efficiency- and that also means reduction in size. The QS-7 Server is compact. It's only 5-1/2" square, and only 3" high. Weight is less than 1-1/2 pounds!

Wet pumper? Worried about possible electric shock when pumping wet?
Not with the QS-7. There is never any 110V current in the pump housing, providing a level of safety not found in other electric vac sources. You can also order the QS-7 with the Vaculogic in-line Water Trap, which help prevent drawing water into your pump.

We have had hundreds of inquiries about the QS system during development. To see some of the questions and answers, Click Here.

Future Release Plans?

See the QS-7 Owners Manual

Screen shots and working details of QuickSilver 1.5



The Vaculogic QS-7 Programmable Electronic Vacuum Server is sold as a package including QuickSilver 1.5 Vacuum Server Controller software.



QuickSilver 1.5 is designed for any Windows PC running Win98, WinME, Win2000 or WinXP as it's operating system, and will also operate under Vista and Windows 7.

Speed: 1 GZ recommended
Memory: 256MB, 512mb recommended
Disc space: 5MB
CD rom drive
USB Port (This should not be a shared port, and we recommend the port be type 2.0)

System Note:
This program is highly math-intensive and requires adequate resources. There will be continuous use of your PC's CPU and continuous high-speed communication with the QS Server's USB port while profiles are executing. Some issues that may cause errors in QuickSilver are:

Warranty Information: The QS-7 System Server is warranted against defects in workmanship or material for one year from date of shipping. Warranty Service will be provided directly by Pumptoys. As with virtually all products, certain limitations apply and failure to use and care for equipment according to instructions will void all warranties. More detailed warranty information will be supplied with the system.

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